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16 -October -2019 - 10:02

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Who are we



Produto Brazil in its essence is a business agency which is inserted in the international and South American market, created to make international business easier with honesty, security and quality. We develop solutions needed in the importation and exportation segments according to your need. We still work with, foods, perfumes and other products from various regions of Brazil.

The connection with the source producers, in Brazil, allows us to get any kind of material or goods our customers wish for, through the linked offices and agencies.

Our contacts allows us to take to our associates finished products of top quality, excellent factory prices and beneficial commercial conditions, also enables the exchange of information regarding the markets interest.

We have offices (trading and outsourcing) of business associated in some countries making possible for us to have an excellent relationship with the customers and agility in business

Each of those offices or agencies is independent from each other in its administration and business management but all of them share the same objective TO MAKE THE ACCESS OF OUR CLIENTS AND REPRESENTITIVES TO THE LOCAL MARKETS FASTER, TAKING FINISHED PRODUCTS WITH PRICES STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY.

We offer the best commercial channels to the companies represented, clients or providers, in the different countries where they are located and through them we entered the markets where the business is, in that way we can guarantee a solid result.

What is your necessity?? We have the solution!